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How TanzZeit works in Schools

The aim of TanzZeit is to make the art of contemporary dance accessible to children from all walks of life – regardless of their social and ethnic backgrounds, age and sex – and to establish dance in school curriculums.
In this way, TanzZeit wants to make a contribution to holistic education and to the understanding of dance as a performing art.  TanzZeit initiates creative processes in schools to give children and teenagers the opportunity to experience dance as a sensual and intuitive art form and to explore alternative ways of thinking and acting, thereby supporting them in their long-term physical, mental and emotional development.
TanzZeit dance artists and choreographers – many of whom have international backgrounds – usually teach in teams of two. Because they are actively involved in the dance scene, they are able to give children and teenagers a real insight into the work of professional dancers and choreographers. TanzZeit classes usually take place in the morning and involve the whole class. As a result they reach children who might otherwise never discover their interest in dance and music or tap into their creative potential.